Cladding and render cleaning

We bring your house front back to shine

The looks of your building gives your customer his first impression and often suggest of the work behind it.

Façades are exposed to constantly changing weather conditions and environmental influences. Spells such as exhaust fumes, dust, rain and sunlight will quickly make the exterior of your building look unsightly.

Exhaust fumes, dust, rain and solar radiation are not only visually disturbing, they also attack the material of the outer wall and can destroy the surface.


Clean2Go helps you to clean your façades professionally and in a gentle way.

We use professional environmentally friendly products and equipment to clean cladded surfaces including powder-coated, plastic-coated and anodised aluminium along with steel, stone, plaster and timber cladding. We do not use harsh toxic chemicals which can, in the long term, adversely affect the surface of your building.

Property owners and management companies are well advised to employ the services of a specialist render cleaning company such as Clean2Go in order to maximise the refurbishment of their buildings.

We can offer one off cleaning jobs or set up a maintenance plan to suit your needs. Please contact us to find out more and discuss further. Ring on 0405 260 261 or contact us via our enquiry form.


Keep the value of your property, improve its image and trust in our competent work!